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Esol Education celebrates a 40-year track record of establishing and operating high-performing international schools. Offering a holistic education delivered by outstanding teachers, the ASHK program supports individual student development so that all students reach their full potential and succeed in future pursuits.

Modern Facilities

ASHK was granted an existing school campus by the Education Bureau which has been renovated and retrofitted into an international school. The spacious facility is located in an attractive environment set amidst beautiful, green hills in the Tai Po district of Hong Kong. The facility has undergone a $100 Million HKD renovation, transforming it into a modern, international school campus of the highest standards. The classrooms have been renovated to provide an open, bright, and technologically connected space that enables and inspires both teachers and students to achieve. Other features that have been incorporated into the internal refit of the school include:

  • Science laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics,
  • Specialist rooms for Music, Art, and Library,
  • A modern gymnasium and outdoor sports facilities, which are regularly utilized by all ASHK students as sports and physical well-being are an integral part of a well-rounded education,
  • As well as the infrastructure to support the integration of digital technology into ASHK’s curriculum starting from Reception (KG2). Computers, Ipads, and classroom management software are connected through an intelligent infrastructure that is wifi enabled throughout the school

Library and Media Center

The large, well-resourced library is a center for learning - supporting group work, independent learning, author presentations, performances, breakout sessions, and much more! ASHK inspires student literacy development by instilling a love of reading. This inspiration begins in this wonderful setting! The colorful, expansive, library space offers cosy and comfortable furniture designed to provide the perfect setting for many hours of reading enjoyment! The school’s inquiry-based learning method supports students as they develop their research skills by utilizing numerous sources of information regarding any topic of interest. As the heart of the school, this special place can be enjoyed by students throughout day as part of scheduled class time or on a drop in, as needed basis, to support students in their quest for knowledge and love of reading.

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  • 6 Ma Chung Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
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