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Chinese Mandarin Language Program (CMLP)

ASHK will provide a focus on Chinese language within the context of an international education. All students at ASHK will be required to study Mandarin.

(CMLP) Elementary School

Chinese language learning in the elementary school is facilitated through daily language learning and language rich activities, participation in language support periods before, during and after the formal academic day, and through the contribution of the Chinese language teachers in a program of inquiry.

(CMLP) Middle School and HIGH SCHOOL

In the Middle School and High School Program, Chinese language learners are placed in Language A or Language B advanced classes according to their language ability. At Language A level students are exposed to an increasingly sophisticated range of Chinese literature as they are prepared for further study of the language as they progress through the school.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL teachers provide support throughout the Elementary School to enable all students equal access not just to the curriculum, but to all that ASHK offers. An early intervention program identifies and assesses needs and appropriate language support is implemented for those students requiring it.

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